2020 FRC Game

The 2020 game for FIRST Robotics Competition has been announced! The Neon Knights look forward to competing in Aerial Assist, where two alliances comprised of three teams each battle it out on the playing field. Teams together to score during an autonomous and teleoperated portion of this exciting game.

Build Season Comes to a Close
February 18, 2014 marks the last day of the FIRST Robotics Competition build season. Over the past 6 weeks, the Neon Knights have worked together tirelessly to design and construct a robot for this year's game, Aerial Assist. Countless hours have been spent analyzing game strategy and perfecting robot design. Team 1422 wishes all other FRC Teams good luck as regionals approach.
Team 1422

Team 1422 is a FIRST Robotics Competition Team located in Fresno, California. Since the team's founding in 2004, the Neon Knights has grown to include students from several Central Valley high schools. The team looks forward to competing at the Central Valley Regional in March 2014 in Madera, CA.